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How it Works

The top of each page has powerful navigation tools. Each map on the top left will allow you to click into all connecting states.  The map below is clickable by  regions. Try it out, just use your back button to return here. There is also a drop down menu on each page. Go anywhere with one click!

Northwest Midwest Northeast Southeast SouthCentral Southwest Offshore

The center of the page has links using the state abbreviation or the region name. Some states have special geography that requires a submenu, like Michigan’s two peninsulas.  The additional links will appear on a different line like this:

Midwest | IA | IL | IN | KS | MI | MN | MO | NE | ND | OH | SD | WI
lp-mi | up-mi

As content  grows the regions break down into a more and more localized focus until eventually zip code maps are navigable.  The beauty of this model is that your town and business becomes geographically relevant not just some name on a an alphabetical list.

There are still more exciting ways to navigate the site:

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