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Pacific Blue Ocean Breeze

Pacific Blue Ocean Breeze

Pacific Ocean

Our road trip begins at the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific blue ocean breeze was calling me! We headed out of Tucson, AZ on Friday afternoon. Our test camping outside of the city was a success so off we go!

We spent the first night sleeping in the car at the Paradise Casino in Yuma, AZ.  The next day it was a short couple hours to the coast!

Once here we did a little exploring around the San Diego Harbor and found this :

Famous Kiss

The Naval Midway Museum was packed on a Sunday afternoon, even Captain America showed up!

Captain America

Sleeping within earshot of the surf was really a great way to get started on this adventure.  We found a tent camping spot at San Elijo Beach State Park. There were a few kinks to work out but it was worth it. We had our first official cookout and I admit, nothing tastes like open fire food!

The morning brought a smile to my soul as I greeted the day gazing out over the Pacific Ocean. It was cool, the sweatshirt really felt good as well as the warmth from the hot coffee on my hands.

I was a little surprised to see the beach dotted with surfers as the daylight washed over the sand. I watched for awhile, it was very entertaining to see the different approaches to riding the waves. I personally have no idea how to surf but I admire the skill when I see it.

I had been contemplating the city life last night before I fell asleep.  I am okay in the urban atmosphere, comfortable driving the freeways and all. It just isn’t really my cup of tea as it were. I wondered how so many people could spend their lives so piled on top of each other. There seemed to be no relief from the flux of humanity, traffic like a wave creating its own rhythm as you travel; almost like the ocean that was so close by. We can play in it, on it and around it but it has it’s own nature and will not be directed by mankind. There is a peace in that; a comfort in knowing it isn’t all up to us. There are larger forces at play in the world.

That having been my thought process I found my answer this morning as I observed the surfers. that’s it I think. The vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean allows the space, the solitude for peaceful living here.  On these shores you see the insignificance of humanity and can converse with your own soul. Perhaps that is the attraction, then again it is really only my perspective.  I wonder what the surfers think?