What Is It?

Our goal is to put

Main Street

back on the map.

GoLikeLocals.com is on a mission to create a
global network of local independent businesses.

We believe

that the future lies in our own hands and that the only way to create a better world is to roll up our sleeves and help each other.

We think the heart of any community lies in the
local economy and its strength helps determine the quality of life for their citizens. 

Helping local independent business owners
flourish is what we strive for. To do this we have created a

local business directory

that allows others who feel the same way to
support local  independent businesses anywhere.

Built from the ground up to be used geographically it is deceivingly simple.
Its power lies in the connections made from one community to the next.

We are all in this together; let’s make a difference

starting now.


Its a great way to…

make the most of your adventure anywhere!

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